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"I Chose To Get Certified through the CHDCA And It's The Best Thing That I've Ever Done!"

How to Join Today: You have 3 options to get certified from the Certified Hood & Duct Cleaners Association.

  • Option 1: NFPA 96 Certification Preparation Course. This is an online (via Internet Sharing Screens) intensive one on one NFPA 96 Coaching session. You are guaranteed to pass the 140 question written exam after completion of this course. You will be issued a 1 Year Certification, or if needed a Temporary 90 Day Certification to allow you time to complete your 10 sets of before/after pictures and proof of insurance. Once you have completed your pictures and proof of insurance, you'll be issued a 1 year Certification. This course is a one on one course, which allows you to learn at your style and pace. This course is designed for someone who needs NPFA 96 Technical knowledge.  It will cover OSHA, pressure washers, EPA, chemicals, and general Kitchen Grease Exhaust Cleaning questions that you will see on the written exam.
  • Option 2: Experienced Hood Cleaner OptionYou are an experienced but currently un-certified hood cleaner, who has at least 500 hours of on the job experience in the past 12 months cleaning kitchen grease exhaust systems and you want certification from CHDCA.  In order to qualify for OPTION 2, you must have documented 12 months of current kitchen grease exhaust cleaning experience with at least 500 hours of on the job experience, 10 sets of before/after pictures, and proof of current insurance.

Option 1:  Certification
Option 2: 
Experienced Hood Cleaner Option

Option 3:  Get Properly Trained, Qualified and Certified 5 Day Training Course 

Cost $999 per person certified $250 per person certified $4250-$8450 
Length of training Online Training Via Skype Screen Sharing N/A 5 Day In Person, On The Job Training Course 
CHDCA Membership 90 Days (once Photos/Insurance submitted, extended to 1 year) 1 Year 1 Year CHDCA 
Certification Expires Renews annually at $250/yr Renews annually at $250/yr Renews annually
at $250/yr 
Optional Equipment available Yes Yes YES 
Experience required NO, but preferred Yes  NO
Prior Certification required NO NO NO 
Be at least 18 yrs old Yes Yes  Yes
For More Info Call 864-210-0199
to Schedule Online Class
See Below or call-
Have to attend classes in
South Carolina USA
Can do via e-Mail Via Skype/ & e-mail Yes  NO
Takes 140 question written exam Yes Yes YES 
Class Size One on One Training N/A 1-3 Students 
To Apply Select From Options Below Select From Options Below 

According to NFPA 96 "Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations" it is now required that you be properly trained, qualified and "certified" to clean hoods and ducts of commercial cooking establishments.

Certified Hood & Duct Cleaners Association now offers three ways for you to become certified.

Option 1: NFPA Certification Preparatory Course

This course is just for you if you don't have your 10 sets of pictures, proof of insurance or can't document 500 hours of recent on the job experience.  This course is a one on one, online SKYPE Screen Sharing course.  Includes 90 day Temporary Certification.  Once you submit your 10 sets of before/after pictures and proof of insurance, then your Certification will be extended to 1 year.

Option 2:  Experienced Hood Cleaner Written Exam

For those folks that are experienced (at least 500 hours of recent on the job experience), and are good at self Study, have in the past 12 months documented experience of currently cleaning grease exhaust systems, 10 sets of before/after pictures, and proof of insurance, then Option 2 is for you.  You can choose a 1 year, 2 year or 3 year membership.

The 140 question exam is based off of the NFPA 96 (70%) and prior experience with cleaning kitchen exhaust systems (30%).  The exam consists of multiple choice, fill in the blank, all the above/none of the above/ some of the above, re-sequencing and is designed to measure the overall general knowledge required to be a professional kitchen grease exhaust cleaner in today's demanding marketplace.

You must meet the following criteria in order to qualify for OPTION 2:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Own, operate or be an employee of a kitchen exhaust cleaning business with at least 500 hours of recent on the job experience documented over the past 12 months. If you do not have one year of current experience then you will need to go through our OPTION 1 NFPA Certification Preparatory Course to become certified.
  • Provide proof of General Liability Insurance.
  • Provide 10 sets of before/after pictures of your cleaning (inside of hood, filters, plenum, up the duct work, down the duct work from the fan, bottom of fan, and top of fan.  Then Clean and take same pictures.  Needs to show all interior surfaces of the entire grease exhaust system).
  • Purchase a copy of the NFPA 96 standards.

The following is included:

  • Administration of the Certified Hood & Duct Cleaners Association's written Certification Exam.
  • Certified Hood & Duct Cleaner (CHDC) certification from Certified Hood and Duct Cleaners Association
  • Membership into the Certified Hood & Duct Cleaners Association
  • Choose from 1 year, 2 years or 3 year membership


Option 3: is an intensive, 5 day in person, on the job training experience.  You will learn all aspects of how to set up, operate, and run a successful kitchen grease exhaust cleaning business.  You will be taught how to clean grease exhaust systems as a One Person business based from your home.  All of your Master Documents are included, ie. bid system, contracts, invoices, etc.  See for all of the details.

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