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  • 01/24/2013 10:48 AM | Anonymous

    Why Should I Get Certified To Clean Hoods.. I've Been Cleaning Hoods for XX Years and I've Never Need to Before?

    This is a question that I get asked a lot.

    What can I say, times are a changing. Back in 2003, the NFPA 96 first required that the person that cleans the hoods be properly trained, qualified and certified to clean them.

    It is recognized by many in the industry, especially the insurance companies that a grease exhaust system that is cleaned properly, by a certified person who knows what they are doing, is much less likely to burn down.

    You see the Grease Exhaust system is not just a ventilation shaft for the convenience of the cooks. It is designed specifically to contain and control the fire up and out of the building while allowing the occupants to escape without dying.

    The sole purpose of the Grease Exhaust System is to catch on fire, and vent the fire and smoke up through a fire proof ductwork, and out a specially designed fan that extracts the grease from the air stream while venting the fire and smoke up and out of the building. If this system is cleaned properly, and serviced every 6 months to assure that the fire suppressant system is operational, then the risk to the building and especially the occupants is reduced.

    Many cities have been squeezed for funding over the past few years, and due to safety issues, they have started to notice that for the past 10 years those who clean these grease exhaust systems should be certified. Now cities and municipalities are realizing that a significant source of funding can be tapped by making sure that those companies in their towns are following the NFPA 96 Standards. Areas such as Montgomery, AL; Boston, MA; Las Vegas, NV; areas in Minnesota, Atlantic City, and many others are coming on board.

    It is spreading throughout North America. Canada is well ahead of us and has been requiring this for years. Now, it's our turn.

    So, even if you have been cleaning for years, in order to have access to 100% of the potential business in your area, you are going to have to get certified, or your competition will start taking more and more jobs from you.

    So, we here at the Certified Hood and Duct Cleaners Association, has formed a professional organization especially for you. It's time to finely stop making excuses, and get certified today.

    Russell Clark
    NFPA 96 Technical Committee Member
    President, CHDCA

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