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Mission Statement

Our mission is to certify every individual that wishes to clean hood & duct systems of commercial cooking operations following the NFPA 96 standards. We strive to provide the best certification program in the kitchen exhaust cleaning industry at fair prices to our clients.

"Being Certified Is What Shows My Customers That I Am A Professional"

Provide an environment for our Certified Hood & Duct Cleaners to have a support network.

Instruct hood cleaners, restaurant owners, fire marshals, and other AHJ's the information about the NFPA 96 requirements to be certified in order to clean kitchen exhaust systems.

Develop lifelong business relationships with our Certified Hood & Duct Cleaners.

Conduct research aimed at improving our services and increasing the body of knowledge about the hood & duct cleaning industry.

Promote our certification. Share what we've learned with our Certified Hood & Duct Cleaners. Participate in efforts to create and promote relevant standards. Disseminate technology and practices to others. Develop relationships with organizations pursuing similar goals. Provide leadership in these activities.

Develop a model and plan for long-term sustainability and growth for our organization and services.

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